Used Equipment

Used and Reconditioned Equipment is an Available Solution from Florida Baler
From Inventory or Qualified Sources, we make every effort to find
suitable equipment in the expected condition
SOLD American PAC4029 Auto Tie Baler w/Feed Conveyor
7″ Main Cylinder, 20HP Motor
Horizontal Auto-Ty Baler
SOLD Alleghany 3430 Closed End
Automatic Horizontal Baler
Ideal for paper trim or shreddings

Horizontal Closed End Baler

Shredded Paper Bales
PENDING Selco Baling System
Selco HLO519AR w/conditioner – reconditioned in 2011
48″W 6″ pitch HD Combo belt conveyor w/ extended above grade feed and vfd- new 2011
Horizontal Auto-Ty Baling System Chain Flight Rubber Belt Feed Conveyor
SOLD Maren M66-4PS Full Eject Horizontal Baler
Top Feed Opening: 60″W x 35″L
Power Unit: 20HP
Bale Size: 60″W x 48″L x 30″H
Cycle Time: 53 seconds
Cubic feet per hour: 2562
Force:Total – 159,400, 88.55 PSI
Rotary Pre-Press Tamper-No Shear Design
54″ Slider Bed Feed Conveyor w/Variable Speed Drive
Reinforced Bale Chamber Door and Latch
Can bale a variety of materials
Full Eject Baler  Inclined Slider Bed Feed Conveyor
SOLD Cramalot 72″ Vertical Downstroke Balers
-Used, Running Condition

7″ Bore Cylinder
10HP Motor
Bale Size: 72”x 30”x 48”
Dimensions: 96”x 43″x 150”
Vertical Baler
SOLD Shredding System-Balemaster 372A Baler, AMS4000 Shredder, transfer conveyor, feed table  Small Shredding System
 SOLD Balemaster 372A Horizontal Baler – Used
15HP Motor, 6″ Main Cylinder
Closed End Baler
  SOLD Glass Crusher-110V Class Crusher