Used Equipment

SOLD American PAC4029 Auto Tie Baler w/Feed Conveyor
7″ Main Cylinder, 20HP Motor
Horizontal Auto-Ty Baler
SOLD Alleghany 3430 Closed End
Automatic Horizontal Baler
Ideal for paper trim or shreddings

Horizontal Closed End Baler

Shredded Paper Bales
PENDING Selco Baling System
Selco HLO519AR w/conditioner – reconditioned in 2011
48″W 6″ pitch HD Combo belt conveyor w/ extended above grade feed and vfd- new 2011
Horizontal Auto-Ty Baling System Chain Flight Rubber Belt Feed Conveyor
SOLD Maren M66-4PS Full Eject Horizontal Baler
Top Feed Opening: 60″W x 35″L
Power Unit: 20HP
Bale Size: 60″W x 48″L x 30″H
Cycle Time: 53 seconds
Cubic feet per hour: 2562
Force:Total – 159,400, 88.55 PSI
Rotary Pre-Press Tamper-No Shear Design
54″ Slider Bed Feed Conveyor w/Variable Speed Drive
Reinforced Bale Chamber Door and Latch
Can bale a variety of materials
Full Eject Baler  Inclined Slider Bed Feed Conveyor
SOLD Cramalot 72″ Vertical Downstroke Balers
-Used, Running Condition

7″ Bore Cylinder
10HP Motor
Bale Size: 72”x 30”x 48”
Dimensions: 96”x 43″x 150”
Vertical Baler
 SOLD IBC 607HRC73 Baler w/Rear Hydraulic Feed Chute- $6000.00 Rear Feed Vertical Baler (prepping for shipment - front side down)
SOLD Shredding System-Balemaster 372A Baler, AMS4000 Shredder, transfer conveyor, feed table  Small Shredding System
 SOLD Balemaster 372A Horizontal Baler – Used
15HP Motor, 6″ Main Cylinder
Closed End Baler
  SOLD Glass Crusher-110V Class Crusher
 SOLD Harmony T60XDRC Vertical Baler w/Floor Mounted Power Pack  XHD Vertical Baler