Baling Wire & Bale Ties

Florida Baler knows the importance of immediate availability of operating supplies. That’s why we stock a full range of high quality galvanized and black annealed baling wire, coil wire in boxes and on carriers, single loop and Square-Lok bale ties.

These galvanized bale ties are designed to be used on a wide variety of commodities and products.

  • Single-Loop Bale Ties are Easy To Bend and Thread, Allowing for Fast Tying
  • Plastic Wrapped Bundles with Covered Loop Ends Eliminate Snagging Between Bundles
  • Color-Coded Tags Allow for Quick Identification of Gauge at a Glance
  • Available in Straight Bundles, corrugated containers or on Wooden Framed Pallets for Ease of Handling and Storage. Most of our customers prefer the palletized package – less shipping damage, lower shipping cost, easier to store (pallets are stackable), and the special pallet allows for dispensing of one bundle at a time.
  • Galvanized Bale Ties don’t stretch, flake or have a  reduced shelf life like painted bale ties.
  • Wire sizes – 11, 12, 13, 14 and 14.5 gauge.
    Wire lengths – 10 to 21 ft.
    Bundles contain 125 or 250 wires depending on gauge.

Our Unique Square-Lok Bale Tie is the Ideal Wire Tie For Synthetic and Natural Fibers, as well as, Recyclable Cans, Paper, Corrugated, Plastic, Foam Rubber, Tires, and other Compressible Materials. These bale ties are also known as Double Loop and Quick Lock.

  • Fabricated to Rigid Specifications from High Tensile Spring Wire.
  • Square-Lok Snaps Together Quickly to Promote Fast Tying and Easy Operations
  • Available in Gauges 8.5 to 14 and Lengths from 5′ to 21′
  • Average Estimated Load Strengths between 700 and 2440 lbs.
  • Cut to Specific Lengths to Maintain Uniform Bale Size and Weight
  • Covered Loop Ends Eliminate Snagging Between Bundles
  • Resistant to Shock and Abrasion

Our Automatic Baling Wire offers trouble free operation of automatic tying balers.

  • Available in 9 Gauge through 12 Gauge, Galvanized, Black Annealed and High Tensile.
  • Our coil wire is packaged as Continuous Coils on Tubular Steel Carriers (Stems) with an average weight of 1,750 lbs
  • Carriers can be stacked two high to save space.

Conveniently Packaged in Strong Corrugated Boxes of 50# and 100# each.

  • 100 lb. coils packaged 36 boxes to a pallet.
  • 50 lb. coils packaged 45 boxes to a pallet.
  • Pallets can be stacked three high to save space.
  • Available in 9 Gauge through 12 Gauge.