Balers & Baling Systems

Vertical BalerDistinguished by such features as overall height being the greatest dimension, Vertical Balers provide ideal solutions to limited floor space environments. The very nature of the design lends itself well to a variety of materials.  In most cases, the Vertical Baler is hand fed. For materials that easily “flow”, the vertical can be modified for conveyor feeding. A range of sizes and power pack configurations are available to suit your exact needs .


This design is most commonly  used where a more automatic means of feeding is required. While manual and semi-automatic controls are available, automatic operation with electric eye sensing features are most common. In addition to the benefits of reducing labor intensity, this design often operates with higher pressures for better bale density and is available with a choice of displacement capacities, hopper and bale sizes. Various designs are available to suit the preferred feeding method such as by hand, conveyor, cart dumping and air system feeding. The Horizontal Baler is available in 4 standard versions closed end,closed end – full eject open end and open end with automatic bale tier.


When an extra large feed opening and vertical multi-tie bale securing  is essential, this large heavy duty series is the answer. 2-Ram Balers are often considered for large recyclers, scrap yards, and MRF systems.


Our system balers are directly adaptable to air and belt conveying systems. They are also utilized in “piggyback” configurations for receiving materials directly from the processor discharge.

For the purpose of transferring air conveyable materials over long or varying distances such as in printing or corrugated manufacturing and processing plants. Ductwork has the advantage of being positioned in limited access and out of the way locations. Air systems are often adapted to trimmers, shredders etc. to provide a high speed continuous means of material evacuation from the point of generation. Typical system components include ductwork, blower(s), air separators and dust filtration devices. Conveyed materials are most often deposited into a baler for secured densification and efficient handling.


Large Air System with Floor Sweep Inlet and Auto-Ty Baler

Small Air System with Closed End Baler

Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)

Multi-grade recycling environments where sorting and processing is handled under one roof call for these custom designed integrated systems. Components will vary with the intended purpose of the facility along with the anticipated volume and materials. Examples of these components include sorting lines, feed conveyors,. magnets, glass crushers, can flatteners, plastic bottle perforator/ flatteners and balers.

Centralized processing and baling can be achieved by directly merging the processor and baler. A typical arrangement would consist of a shredder adapted to discharge directly into the baler. Users benefit from reduced space requirements as well as the elimination of material transfer component costs, along with the associated labor and service needs, Common applications include corrugated sheets and boxes, magazines and paperback books.

Piggyback Shredder/Baler